Target is giving away a free bounty bag for mums

Bounty Bag They say that being a mom is the best thing in the world, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a free bounty bag as an additional perk.

You can get this free bounty bag by clicking here and completing the form. The bounty bag is filled with books and goodies for mums. If for some reason this isn’t appealing enough for you, completing the form and taking it to Target will also give you a chance to win $12,000.

Click here to get a free bounty bag. It’s their way of spoiling mothers as much as they can before they face their child’s inevitable teen phase.

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One Response to Target is giving away a free bounty bag for mums

  1. charlene galea says:

    We had a little girl 8 weeks early and I would love to get the bounty pack as it has lots of useful information.

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